4 Creative DIY Design ideas for your home

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A weekend leisure activity can be turned into a beautiful piece of art which your friends and relatives may adore and will bring a sense of self respect to many. Everybody would love to play with colors. The projects shown here makes use of vibrant colors and uses simple cost effective materials which anybody can acquire easily.

So which one will you try out this Weekend?

For this Wall project,  you need  a collection 8 x 10 photo frames, some colorful Print outs of calendar dates, and some art ideas to give each month’s pic a different look.

Illustrated wall calendar pictures



Creative use of  concrete block bench to create an outdoor Sofa.

Concrete block bench


Oil-based enamel paints can be used to create this look in any striped wooden structure. Feel free to Experiment with colors, although Yellow0 white combination is always chic’. 

Enamel paint DIY project


DIY geometric wall

DIY geometric wall


Seeing creative use of colors and materials can spark the imagination and better variations of the original idea can be achieved.


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