Surprising Colour Combinations Exhibited in Stylish Apartment

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What is the first thing that we notice when we enter into a new  home??!!..yeah!! of course it’s the colours or the colour combinations that  used.our brain has developed in such a way that it will catch up even the detailing that used, we may not consciously aware about … The colours convey some strong emotions..We all aware that our home needs  some basic elements like chairs to sit..dining table for our dining purpose etc  for survival purposes,..but why we are spending lot of money energy and time to make our home something extraordinary and unique..yeah thats why it is said that colour s always matter!!!

Here in Indian home makeover over we today showcased a vibrant chick looking colourful apartment that is truly inspiring and stunning…

Colourful chick look that’s the first thing that we note about this apartment..An amazing combination  of various shades of yellow n purple..We might feel it as awkward. it’s  extraordinary combination that many people may afraid to try out..But the positive vibe of the colours utilized and the perfect utilization of each portion of the home makes the interiors lively and inspiring..

Unique Combination of shades of Yellow and Purple, The Custom made sofa with dazzling Cushions and the greenish carpet altogether forming a incredible vivacious look to the living room.

(picture )

indianhomemakeover-vibrant living room

The partition area beautified and made it effective with library shelf spells out how much priority is given to the perfect utilization of areas by the architect.The detailing is given to each and every item in the interior and it match with the colours used.

indianhomemakeover-vibrant living room2

Kitchen in Purple and White with working triangle which gives perfect functionality to the kitchen. Inbuilt storage space gives a clean look  and keeps the things organised.

indianhomemakeover-vibrant living room3

Aqua Blue Themed Bedroom in blend with white and unique lampshades gives a delightful feel to the Interiors

indianhomemakeover-vibrant living room4

Designed By: Renjith & Associates, Cochin, Kerala

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