Contemporary Open Kitchen designs for your new home.

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Contemporary Open Kitchen designs for your new home.

A ll these designs and Minimalist yet fully functional with a lot of storage space cabinets and better work space arrangements to make your cooking more enjoyable.

Marbodal kitchen Arkitekt

Marbodal kitchen Ekero

The Ekero birch kitchen inspires with its ample, open work spaces and plentiful storage elements. It's an exciting mix of modern function and charming European styling. The substantial island is an ideal place to prepare food as well as plan menus and browse cookbooks.

With its purposeful, open space layout, the Form ash kitchen is as perfect for socializing as it is for cooking. It features ample storage in both cabinets and drawers as well as a large corner pantry. Details include hatching on the cabinetry and a laminate slate counter top with a rustic feel.

Marbodal kitchen Modern_Arkitekt_Plus_Kritvit

Marbodal kitchen Toro

Marbodal kitchen Vollo-hogblank

Marmodal Modern kitchen

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